As it was published at kathimerini newspaper on the 22/05/2015, the relationship between the workers at Chalkidiki Mines and the ministry of Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy seem to have been deescalated. The Three worker unions have happily announced the commitment of the Alternate Minister, Giannis Tsironis, to conduct a meeting, at Cassandra Mines, on the 2nd of June, were representatives from the Ministry, “Hellas Gold” and mine employees will participate.

The Unions, based on the subject, issued the below statement:

“After five months of actions, protests and meetings, we managed to reveal the true face of NE Halkidiki and we showed that we decide for the future of our country. We were not frightened and we did not retreat. Our fight was and will remain continuous and rigid.

On the 20th of May 2015, we met once again with the Alternate Minister of Productive reconstruction, Environment and Energy, Mr. Yannis Tsironis, at his office. Without misinterpreting his “unexpected objections-such as, his persistence in meeting with only one of our representatives- and without considering his attitude as an attempt to avoid us, we insisted and we managed once again to come face to face with him.

We demonstrated again all of our concerns and everything that is being risked in our region and we stressed out for the obvious obligation of the minister, to face with seriousness the mining development in Halkidiki.

The meeting was fruitful and we have the first commitment of the minister for the meeting on the 2nd of June in Cassandra mines between the representatives of the Ministry, the “Hellas Gold” and the Mine employees.

We sought for it, we fought for it, we succeeded and this dialogue is underway. A dialogue for our country, our mines and our lives!

We hope and we expect that this burden of uncertainty that we are all experiencing lately is about to end and it is our belief, stronger than ever, that our Struggle will be justified.”

Kathimerini, 22/05/2015