During the last years Europe has increased productivity in the exploitation of mineral wealth and makes a strong comeback in the representation and key of the global mining map. Surface and underground extraction of copper in Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, exploitation of lead, zinc, silver in Greece, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, gold mines in Romania, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, UK, production of tungsten in Austria and cobalt in Finland. Iron, chromium, aluminum as well as rare earth metals, gallium, germanium, indium and other major minerals and metals. More than 60 active mines of extraction and exploitation of metallic minerals which operate under specific environmental conditions and related management control of the production process at all levels. All this ongoing investment and productive banquet is not just about financial or speculative reasons, but it takes place mainly to provide continuity to the prospect of social progress, at a time when the needs and uses of raw materials tend to continuously increase, and to ensure effectively quality and environmental protection. Whatever else is said, heard and introduced around catastrophic scenarios and scenes of horror are unrealistic, do not reflect the real situation and obviously serve other interests and expediencies. Greece has unexploited mineral potential in copper, lead, zinc, silver, mostly gold and other metals, which can make it rank first among the mining countries of Europe. So we need a clear mind, transparent procedures and responsible decisions in order not to lose this opportunity of creative initiative and economic growth.

[SOURCE: http://greenminerals.blogspot.gr/, written by Dr. of Geology Nikolaos Arvanitidis]