Among the speakers: M. Theodorakopoulos (Hellas Gold), K. Hatzidakis (ND Vice President), K. Massin (Burson-Marsteller Brussels)

Interest regarding the 1sth Prestige Meeting for Corporate and Public Affairs held on the 15th of April in Athens is rising both on behalf of the market and institutional representatives. For the first time the subject of the modern form of dialogue between businesses and institutions, as well as the design and implementation of influential campaigns, is put forward for discussion and exploration under the Public Affairs Forum, in the light of critical changes in the regulatory framework of business sectors’ operation. The conference was held with the participation of businesses, policy makers and international experts with a lot of experience in shaping and carrying out influential actions in decision-making centres, such as Karen Massin, which leads the largest multinational communications network in Brussels. K. Massin will convey the experience of representing corporate and sectoral interests in the Community institutions to the business audience of the conference. From a business point of view, two of the biggest case studies of Greek reality in managing relationships with local audiences and institutions are presented in the conference, that of Hellas Gold with a presentation by  CEO Michael Theodorakopoulos and that of TEMES (Costa Navarino) with the participation of the Vice President, Nikos Katsikeros. At the same time, 7 highly regulated business sectors (Mobile Telephony, Banks, Insurance Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, IT & Communications Businesses, Winery Sector, Private TV Channels) are represented in the content of the event through the CEOs of the respective Unions. Also important is the policy makers’ perspective by the Vice President of Nea Dimokratia Kostis Hatzidakis. The content is further complemented by 15 speakers from Greece and abroad. More information on


[SOURCE: DAILY FAX, 8/04/2016]