Squats took place yesterday in all the Mines of Chalkidiki by workers in support of their fellow workers who remain for the 8th consecutive day in the galleries of Olympias. The escalating mobilizations began early afternoon yesterday, after Hellas Gold was given an order of inspection of the mines for complete removal of workers from their workplaces, following the decision of the former Minister of Productive Reconstruction P. Skourletis. The access and safety aspects of the construction site, as highlighted in a joint announcement of the three trade unions of the mines, has been undertaken by the team guarding the workers while the company’s security department has been asked to limit its activity to preserving the assets of the company. We urge everyone to join us in the difficult and just struggle of our fellow workers who remain in the underground galleries, the statement said.

In the meantime, the former Minister of Productive Reconstruction asked the current Minister Ioannis Golias to immediately implement the decision of the Council of State and revoke the decision of Skourletis, on the occasion of the visit of the President of PASOK Fofi Genimmata at the mines. “No one can be above the law and the country’s supreme courts. Legitimacy must be implemented here and now, without further delay triggering unnecessary social tensions in the region and discrediting worldwide the country at a time when the number one challenge for the Greek economy is to attract investments to utilise comparative advantages and produce new national wealth”, says Mr. Maniatis to the letter he sent on behalf of PASOK.

KATHIMERINI, 01/09/2015