The Public Power Corporation’s investment for the construction at Ptolemaida of a coal power plant of 800 MW, which will cost 1.3 billion euros, continues  after the approval by Productive Reconstruction minister Panagiotis Lafazanis.

From Kozani, where he toured  the DEI plants, the minister announced that he signed a few days earlier the first licenses for the unit’s construction, making clear that the government supports its implementation and will make any effort to be complete as soon as possible.

These are statements that were made a few days before the 29th of March expiration of the contractual obligation of the license approval and while during the previous period the environmental organization WWF engaged in a campaign for the cancellation of the investment.

However, the minister hastened to publicly take position highlighting that the government supports the construction of Ptolemaida 5, which will include the latest technology in pollution control, and will have less effect on the environment than traditional units. The unit will make use of German equipment, since its construction is done by the consortium of the company TRENA with the subcontractors of Hitachi Power, Hitachi Ltd and Hamon Environmental GmbH.

For some time, the Japanese company has taken control of the German Babcock, which is set to provide the main part of equipment of Ptolemaida 5. In order to fund the operation, the PPC has ensured, since 2013, a debenture loan of 739 million euros by the consortium of foreign banks under the German development bank kWF Ipex Bank., 26-03-2015