It is high time for scientific voices to claim the space and attention that they deserve. To say the truth loud and clear. To explain the findings of the mineral deposit research, the importance of the productive exploitation of mineral wealth, the operational presence of the mines, the rational management and control of the environmental impact and the added developmental value and sustainability that emerges for Greece.

For citizens to find out what is really going on. To convey to the Greek people the scientific truth through objective information and documented proposals. To regain the lost trust of the citizens and become once again a key point of reference for reliable and authentic information. And maybe these voices will manage at some point to raise awareness and attract the attention of the “hard of hearing” politicians and in general of those in power.

The strategic planning of the utilization of mineral resources and mineral policy can only be dealt with by scientists. Because at the same time that politicians talk about destruction and lives at risk science offers knowledge, technology and quality of life. Because when politicians create unemployment, science creates job opportunities. Because when politicians lead us to social impasses science offers perspective. Because when politicians talk about problems scientists find solutions. After all science leads, guides and must always and largely determine the content of the politics.

So one chooses to revisit on a regular basis the issue of the productive exploitation of the mineral wealth as a credible and viable lifeline for the developmental prospects of the country. Aiming primarily for the citizens to have more comprehensive information and insight into the real data, as well as hoping that the politicians will finally understand what is going on.

It is a fact that Greece has significant growth potential and productive exploitation opportunities with the mineral raw materials available. A typical example are the areas of geological interest in Macedonia and Thrace, where apart from the financial dimension, their strategic national position is also readily understandable. The wealth potential is a given and their industrial exploitation is the only developmental orientation.

Citizens only have to approach the true data with a calm and clear gaze and see the true potential with an open mind. To turn their backs and close their ears to those who methodically cultivate the fear of mines and mineral deposits, and introduce a series of unacceptable conceptual and social divisions. Those who prefer unemployment to work potentials.

Because of course productive mines, collective progress and the common good are strongly against any anti-mining propaganda and effort for developmental depreciation.

SOURCE: 27 /09/2015, by Dr. of Geology Nikolaos Arvanitidis