The Corporate Social Responsibility of Hellas Gold, the company that is involved in the investment of Kassandra Mines in Chalkidiki, in North Greece, is not a vision, but a realistic implementation of its commitments towards all social partners with absolute consistency.  It is the social, environmental and economic responsibility in the content of the development of Aristotle Municipality, where Hellas Gold is being hosted, as well as of the Northeast of Chalkidiki in general.

Employment, strengthening of local economy and of parallel activities, the infrastructure and the activities related to the development and culture are just some of the areas through which social responsibility is being expressed. Today, over 2,000 people who originate, and live in the area and work in the Cassandra Mines, while new jobs are being opened while opening new jobs through the support of industries related to mining activity and benefit from boosting liquidity in the local economy, the market and trade.

The parallel investments in this environment are indicative for the relationship of mutual respect that is being built between them and the citizens. With fully compatible with the environment mining methods and mineral processing, innovative technology, updated facilities and mining, reforestation and landscape restoration program.

Hellas Gold is probably the only Greek private company that collaborates with related schools and educational institution. Through this long-term cooperation, but also though the possibility of new engineering Internships and Summer Employment of students from the municipality of Aristotle area, academic research is promoted within the wider mining field and through familiarizing students with a demanding competitive work environment. Created thus a source of new, fully qualified Greek engineers. Meanwhile, the image of the area where the company operate is being improved with infrastructure, where is being invested up to 3 million Euros each year.