Athens, 11 June 2015 – The company Hellas Gold S.A has been awarded yesterday in a splendid ceremony at the Goulandris Museum the “Bronze Award” from the “Corporate Responsibility Institute” (CRI) as a distinction and reward for its involvement in Corporate Social Responsibility during the past two years. Within the framework of the sustainable and lasting development of the region where it operates, prompting strongly all the activities for social contribution and responsibility.


The way of its writing policy determines the company’s actions, which are the support of employment, the working conditions in Cassandra Mines as well as the company’s decisions for the environmental management that were sealed recently with the ISO 14001. Since January 2011 the company had already obtained the license for the health and safety management at work from OHSAS 18001:2007. All relevant indicators show the safe operation of the projects as far as it concerns the environment, the employees and the society.


The Bronze Award of CRI that assesses organizations with extremely strict criteria from the British Association BITC, is the seal of our ongoing efforts to support our society, ensuring the quality of life of our people and keeping the highest standards and best practices in our projects.


Mr. Kostas Georgantzis, Head of Communications and Corporate Responsibility of Hellas Gold said: “ There is no way for us for complacency. We are thrilled to receive this award. It is a very positive progress and an important step towards the goals we have set. Moreover, it is a reason for raising the bar even higher in order to achieve the best of us.”

A few months ago, in March 2015 “ The Corporate Social Responsibility Report of Hellas Gold” was distinguished from the “Global Reporting Initiative” the largest organization providing international standards of corporate responsibility reports, with «Materiality Disclosure». Another distinction received by the company in November 2014 by the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece, it was the praise for its performance in the area of ​​corporate social responsibility as part of the awards “Greek Value “.


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