An interesting poll is presented by the newspaper Kathimerini.

“Our country’s stay in Euro is a choice of the majority of the citizens in case of a dead end in the negotiations, even if this results in the implementation of a new Memorandum. This comes as a result of a survey conducted by the university research institute of Macedonia for television station SKAI. When asked what to choose between staying in Euro and returning to Drachma, 66.5% is in favor of staying in Euro, with27% choosing to return to Drachma. The percentage differs when staying in Euro is accompanied by the implementation of a new Memorandum, it remains, however, higher in preference of the citizens, with 55,5% against 35% that choose the return to Drachma regardless of the financial policy. For the mining of ores in Halkidiki, 50.5% considers that the investment should continue, against the 26.5% that says it should stop. Citizens appreciate in a percentage of 33% that the next 12 months the financial state of the country will improve, while 30% believes it will be worsen. 52% answers that its financial condition has deteriorated compared to a year ago, while 43.5% considers the condition neither better nor worse.”

KATHIMERINI, 05/05/2015