The miners of Cassandra Mines (Skouries) continuing this morning’s mobilization, the blockage of the  junctions Stratoni and Planas. protesting against the decision of the Greek authorities to suspend the technical studies of Hellas Gold, resulting to the temporary closing of the mines and putting the investment of Eldorado Gold and their jobs at risk.

They say they are determined to stay in the bowels of the earth indefinitely. The development of the situation is far from auspicious as the upcoming elections  monopolize the interest of all… After this Friday there will not even be a government any more to address the issue, since it will be its last day.

There is no way the service government that will be formed till the elections, will deal with such an important issue as the investment at Skouries, let alone to reach decisions or recall decisions already made.

The issue will be addressed after the elections on Septemper 20 by the next goverment.
Video of the miners to barricading themselves in the galleries here …