Members of a student group of Aristotel University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) together with members of the Geology exploratory department of the company “Hellas Gold S.A”, were united under the same direction of research regarding the topic Mining and Geological Exploration.


The formative geologist of AUTH, visited recently the company “Hellas Gold S.A”, in the area of Madem Lakkos, where they had the opportunity to be introduced by the scientific team of geologists in the wide scope of geology-mineralogy exploration, at the mining area of Northeast Halkidiki.


Meanwhile, the objective of this scientific study and research was the 3D design and modeling, during exploration and exploitation stage of a deposit, emphasizing on the uses and the capabilities of innovative programs, giving as an example the experience gained from the Mavres Petres mine.


This initiative is a culmination of the timeless philosophy and actual support of the academic research in corporation with Greek and international universities, which applies on many levels in Cassandra Mines.


While the training workshop was held at Madem Lakkos, on February, it has been included in the wider context of actions of AUTH S.E.G.


What is the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG)

The Society of Economic Geologists (SEG) was founded on the 1919, aiming on promoting and developing the science of geology, as it has been developed since the early stages of the research of deposits, to the confirmation of the reserves and until the final stages of the extraction of mineral materials.

Nowadays, the association is aiming for, the communication and for introducing the research work, the maintenance of highly scientific qualified members and the contact and cooperation of academic scientists, private and industrial executives, with a common interest for the topic of economic Geology.

In order for the gradual integration of the students, who will be the future Mineralogy-economic Geologists, in the global scientific community, S.E.G encourages the establishment of local student chapters, which are designed to promote the chapter’s objectives. This is achieved first trough the development of the study of mineral resources and reserves and through understanding the mechanisms of genesis, evaluation, and production. Secondly, this is achieved by spreading the knowledge through publications, seminars, meetings and field training.  Moreover, the institution of student chapters, which operates in 27 countries for the past decade, plays a key role in bringing together students from different countries, as well as, with academic geoscientists, research centers and industry

In more than 30 universities around the world, including some of the top ranking , ones in the field of mineralogy exploration (UBC, ETH, GSM), through student initiatives supported by their professors, have established lately similar student groups.

In Greece, since a past few years, a SEG annex of students has been founded in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and from this year a respective group has been established at the department of Geology in AUTH.


For more information regarding the SEG chapter of AUTH, visit the website here ( )