The unions of the workers of the Cassandra Mines, after the general meeting held in Stratoni on August 22, 2015 decided to start racing mobilization on Monday, August 24, 2015, with the exclusion of Stratoni and Planes intersections.

The workers  are called to gather on Monday morning at their workplaces and from there they will go to the blockage points, protesting against the decision of the Greek authorities to temporarily suspended work at Eldorado Gold’ northern Greece mine.

The note, signed by the Association of Scientific Personnel Cassandra Mines ‘Aristotle’, the Association of Employees and manual workers Cassandra Mines “Agia Varvara” and the Association basement Cassandra Mines, closes with the promise that “The struggle will continue and escalate in the near future with other actions until the final vindication”

Greek authorities have temporarily suspended work at Eldorado Gold’s  northern Greece mine, after determining the company had violated some terms.