Commenting on his decision to take part in the elections of the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece for the appointment of new management, Mr. Michalis Theodorakopoulos, the CEO of Hellas Gold S.A., which operates as a subsidiary of Eldorado Gold – the company that manages the Cassandra mines in northeastern Halkidiki in Greece – said : “Greece needs sound investments to achieve growth, and in this direction Northern Greece has always been a pioneer”, pointing out that: “We are part of the industry and the industrial history of northern Greece, we are part of Greek entrepreneurship and we invest in: regional development, protection of extroversion, liquidity, Greek trade, national economy and industry and formulation of the necessary conditions so that all the above be supported in practice. With consistency and after so many years of investment in the national economy and development, we will make every effort to contribute to the best possible conditions, aiming at the strengthening of the industry and the private sector, the essential support of the primary sector, the transition away from statism syndromes, bureaucracy and demonization of entrepreneurship, the attraction of new investments and therefore the recovery of the national economy through the path of sound productivity”.

With this statement, Mr. Theodorakopoulos, being for thirty years in the Greek industry, explains his decision to take part in the elections of the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece for the appointment of new management. At the same time, he analyzes the ultimate symbolism of this decision in relation to the place that Hellas Gold holds in Greek investment and industrial environment and the developmental map of Northern Greece. Mr. Michalis Theodorakopoulos, vice president and CEO of Hellas Gold S.A., was elected to the Board of Directors of the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece, in the regular annual general meeting of its members, which was held on Monday, June 22 in Thessaloniki. It should be noted that Mr. Michalis Theodorakopoulos, is a graduate of the National Technical University of Athens as a mining engineer, metallurgist, with experience over 30 years in underground mines, as an engineer responsible for the production, design and development of the worksites, engineering section manager, senior engineer, director of production and director of the Cassandra mines. In January 2015 he was appointed vice president and CEO of Hellas Gold S.A. with direct legal responsibility for the implementation of the investment plan, employing 1,900 workers and investing 400 million dollars with an annual turnover of 100 million dollars, which will increase to 700 million dollars annually after 2017. He has participated in the preparation and supervision of technical and environmental researches in the project of Cassandra mines; he has been a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece since 1987, a member of the Union of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers since 1986 and a member of the Union of Engineers of Greek Industries since 1993.

Meanwhile, Hellas Gold S.A. received the Bronze Award from the Corporate Responsibility Institute (CRI), as a distinction and reward for its activity in Corporate Social Responsibility in the last two years. “This award belongs to 2,000 employees, all residents of Mademohoria, to mining villages and to all Greek engineers that have been active over all these years in this project”, Mr. Theodorakopoulos had stated receiving the award in a splendid ceremony that took place in Goulandris Museum. Specifically, in the context of sustainable and lasting development of the region where the company operates, it promotes social contribution and responsibility actions, as well as employment, which is one of the prime objectives of the company.

EUROECONOMY, 30/06/2015