The website MiningGreece is the window of the mining activity in Greece to the whole world. It is the voice of all professionals, scientists and employees engaged in mining activity in this small but rich in mineral resources and mining history country of southern Europe.

The viewpoint of MiningGreece is that the mineral wealth of a country should be exploited   with respect to people, the environment and always in the best interest of the employees and the people who live in the country. We believe that the rational and sustainable exploitation of the mineral wealth of Greece can help essentially speed-up economic growth, contribute a significant proportion to the country’s GDP and render Greece an important player in the global game of natural and energy resources.

The MiningGreece is managed by people who know very well and monitor closely the development of the mining industry in Greece.  The blog aims to provide accurate and objective information on what is happening in this field to the readers abroad.

The blog, without addressing exclusively the English-speaking countries, it is written in the English language as it is considered to be the modern international language.