Many people don’t understand what it takes to be a miner… The stress, the physical strain, the psychological load inside the galleries… Let’s take a look at a typical “job description”.

Miners operate equipment to excavate, load and transport coal, ore, mineral sand and rock, either underground or in open-cut mines.

Miners may perform the following tasks:

  • cut drives into the ore body using specialist equipment
  • extract coal or ore by drilling, blasting or excavating
  • load ore onto mine cars, trucks or conveyors for transport to the stockpile or entrance of mine
  • undertake development work such as opening up new shafts, drives, air vents, rises and crib rooms
  • support the walls and roofs in underground mines with rock bolts and erect wooden or steel props, pillars and arches
  • install lighting, pumps, cabling and other equipment to service the mine
  • monitor the operation of plants and ensure the safety of other workers on mining sites and during drilling operations
  • operate auxiliary plants (such as pumps) to expel air, water and mud.