Our country’s businesses received awards for their high level of responsibility for the second consecutive year, at the Responsible Business Awards 2016, which took place on Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at the Grande Bretagne hotel. This institution responds to the need of Greek businesses to illustrate the investments made in the field of responsibility and sustainable social development.

The awards of the institution ResponsibleBusiness Awards 2016 were given yesterday evening in a splendid ceremony with an exceptionally large participation from the business world. The institution, created to meet the need for the recognition of projects, ideas and collaborations behind the commitment of our country’s Responsible Businesses and Institutions to the principles of sustainability, corporate responsibility and sustainable and social development. This year’s event was attended by representative companies of many different productive sectors of the Greek economy. The nominations were assessed by an independent jury comprising of 22 members, chaired by Mr. Panagiotis Pikramenos, former Prime Minister, Honorary President of the Council of State and President of Alternative Dispute Resolution Promotion Agency (OPEMED). The event was hosted by the famous journalist Iordanis Hasapopoulos.

The importance of rewarding such efforts: In his talk in the beginning of the Ceremony, Mr. Panagiotis Pikramenos said among other things: “It is extremely positive and promising that there are examples of responsible businesses that care about the environment in which they operate. The role of companies, especially at this time, can be of crucial importance for the management of serious social problems and the support of innovative solutions in many areas. It is important to reward this form of entrepreneurship in order to have additional incentive to continue investing in any way possible for the society’s benefit. The statements of those who received and awarded the distinctions remained in the same wavelength, stressing the importance of Corporate Responsibility and the recognition of the efforts of Greek businesses to respond effectively, creatively and intertemporally to the significant needs of Greek society.”

At the topof the CSR awards: In the competition section, the awards covered a multidimensional spectrum and touched on all the aspects of Corporate Responsibility. Through the awards, the attendees had the opportunity to be exposed to the impressive range of actions undertaken by businesses today in Greece, to the inspiration that fuels them, and also recognize the sincere and deep commitment of businesses to help society. The NGO of the Year Awards was a special moment, since the corresponding organizations are the most valuable business partners in the implementation of their actions. In addition to this, in the Section CSR Group of the Year, the importance of valuable cooperation among all people and groups within a business in order to realize the vision for CSRwas highlighted.

Two awards for Hellas Gold: Although it was the company’s first appearance in the institution, Hellas Gold received two awards: The Silver Award in the category “Management of Natural Resources” with the nomination “Management of resources with the aim of zero environmental impact” and the Bronze Award in the category “Education / Scholarships” with the nomination “Hellas Gold by the side of young workers.”


[SOURCE: DAILY FAX, by Katerina Polymeridou, 19/10/2016]

The CEO of Hellas Gold Mr. Michael Theodorakopoulos receiving one of the awards